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tink turns passive website visitors into engaged prospects, generating more qualified leads for your business

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tink is an engagement chatbot

tink is a fully-automated system for your website. It interacts and engages with your visitors in a conversational tone, helping you to find out more about them and turning them into qualified prospects.

That. Sounds. Awesome.

We know, right! What’s even better is that you can try tink out for 30 days absolutely free of charge. Sign up now for a free trial, or if you like to speak to one of our chatbot specialists, we’re offering a free chatbot lead generation strategy call.

How does tink help?

Increase product discovery and dwell time on your website

tink directs visitors around your site, ensuring they find the products and information they are looking for.

Capture email addresses and other information

tink takes the effort out of the interaction. Visitors can make choices and share their details with you in a faster, more fun way than conventional and boring web forms.

Improve visitor engagement and satisfaction

tink can ask your visitors anything! Use tink’s super-powered analytics to make sure you’re offering the right products for the audience that’s actually using your site.

tink connects new leads to your existing CRM and business tools

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David from Lord Cars

I had no idea I was missing out on leads coming from my website until I spoke to tink. Since putting tink on my site I now see more than 27% more leads every week!

David – Managing Director, Lord Cars

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