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tink is packed full of features to turn your website into a lead generation machine! We’ll customise your chatbot visuals and connect to your existing CRM and business tools. You sit back and get ready to receive more qualified leads.


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Simple visual conversation builder
Live chat handover
Customisable colours, branding and avatar
Conversational forms
Visitor tagging and analytics
Numerous integrations

Simple, visual conversation builder

Creating simple or complex conversations is easy. Just drop components into our visual conversation builder to tailor tink’s interactions.

Live chat handover

If you already use a live chat system on your site, you might want your customers to interact with your live agents at some point. tink comes ready to roll with the most popular live chat systems, and can ‘handover’ at any predetermined point in a conversation.

Customisable branding and colours

tink can be customised to fit your website and brand. Your customers receive consistent engagement, every time.

Understand your customers

tink uses conversational forms to continuously build knowledge about your website audience. This info allows you to customise experiences, driving better quality leads for your business.

Visitor tagging and analytics

Tag visitors as they move through each conversation flow. Customise future conversations and gain further insight into visitors when they become a lead. Tags can ‘handover’ to live chat as well as link to your CRM system.

Conversion automation and CRM integration

When visitors get to a suitable point in any conversation, they can be marked as converted. This triggers tink’s integrations into your marketing automation or CRM system. Don’t have a CRM system? No problem. Our experts are on hand to help you build a rock-solid lead funnel. It’s all part of the service!

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