tink integrates into your existing business tools… supercharging your lead generation and sales process.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

A CRM system is what businesses use to track their contact, customers and prospects. By linking tink to your CRM, you can feed leads from your website straight to your sales team. Tink integrates with over 50 popular CRM systems via Zapier.

Live chat handover

If your sales and marketing team have the ability to chat with live visitors on your website, then you already have a live chat system. tink can seamlessly handover to live chat, maintaining context and giving your agent all they need to continue the conversation.

Marketing automation and business tools

These products take qualified leads and prospects and run them through an automated process. This can be as simple as following up with an email based on visitor preferences, or as advanced as a multi-level drip campaign. tink integrates into over 50 marketing products that can take advantage of the leads that are coming from your website.

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